My First Flash Usability Test

I was honored to be able to help with a flash usability test of ranked choice voting in San Francisco recently, organized by the amazing Dana Chisnell (who’s not only co-author of the Handbook of Usability Testing, but one of the foremost experts on ballot usability in the country). I was working on a team with 2 others, and we were charged with finding and interviewing people willing to spend 15 minutes filling out two different ballot designs and telling us what they thought of them. 

While it was challenging to find registered voters willing to spare the time, we were delighted that our first willing participants were a couple dressed in matching Santa costumes (yes, it happened to be SantaCon that day! If you don’t know what SantaCon is, check this out)

Here’s a link to Dana’s initial observations about ranked choice voting and a gratuitous picture of SantaCon for good measure. 





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