Interaction Design

Here are two recent UI/UX projects. I will soon be adding my thesis project as well—I’m exploring how sensor technology can be used to help heart failure patients better understand their symptoms, with the goal of reducing hospital readmissions. If you’d like to see it before I put it up, let me know.

These wireframes are a proposed redesign of a best-selling self-help author’s website, and were done for a class. If you want to see what the site looked like when I started (and still looks like!), click here.

I worked as the UX Design + Research Intern at Proteus Digital Health during the summer of 2012. My main project was to design the back-end administration system for their first commercial product, a sensor that collects a patient’s biometric data of and delivers it to their designated caregiver. I designed the data flow between the pharmacy registration system, the customer technical support team and the engineering data view. I also redesigned the visualization of the biometric data.


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