As a Senior UX Researcher at gotomedia, I lead research that helps companies better understand the needs of their customers so they can develop products that better serve those needs. I have experience with a wide range of research methods, including remote interviews, diary studies and surveys, but especially love getting out in the field to talk to users wherever they are doing the activity being studied. I’ve interviewed people in their homes, on the street, in stores, cafes and even a church. I take special delight in uncovering the workarounds people have created to make technology better serve their needs.

Before getting my master’s degree from UC Berkeley School of Information I worked as a graphic designer for many years and have significant experience in branding, packaging, marketing and editorial design. My design background informs my research, resulting in actionable insights and recommendations, as well as the ability to envision and prototype possible solutions.

My favorite things to do are ride my bike, walk my dog, build campfires and eat dark chocolate.


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